We’re on a collision course – the problem now

The design of a new wharf to be built on the Parramatta River at Rhodes means water traffic will be forced through a drastically narrowed path under the nearby footbridge.

This will reduce visibility, increase congestion and generate dangerous turbulence and wash.

Rowers and other passive recreational users of Sydney’s waterways are already vulnerable to large commercial and powered vessels.

Recent accidents have shown how they will always come off second best. Lives are at risk.

The placement of the wharf at Rhodes has been made without any consultation and now puts at risk the safety of thousands of school students and athlete rowers who use the waterway for training and recreation.

There is no reason the wharf plan can’t be changed to improve safety.

The Rhodes wharf decision is the latest in a long line of decisions that have steadily restricted passive recreational use.

Decisions being made now will change our harbour forever. Do we want to live in a Sydney where the water is just a highway?

Rowing has a proud 150-year history on Sydney’s waterways and it’s the training ground for our Olympic champions.

This isn’t just about athletes, it’s about anyone who wants Sydney Harbour to be safe for recreation.

Our Solution – A voice for everyone

 It is possible to have a harbour that works for commercial and recreational use but it requires everyone having a voice.

Passive recreational users deserve a permanent voice in future decisions that affect access to Sydney’s waterways so that we can keep everyone safe.

Unchecked development will change our harbour forever. We need to take a stand now.


Help pressure the NSW Government to change course on Sydney’s waterways and keep everyone safe.

We’ll keep you updated about the campaign. For information please see our collection statement.